One of the highlights of me working in Brisbane City Council is to assist in the World Environment Day, an event during Green Heart Week. I was given an I ♥ BNE shirt by the branch and helped set up the venue. A range of green activities was provided along the way in Queen Street Mall and the popular activity was definitely the Wildlife Animal Shows!

The shows were held at the start and end of the whole event. I even helped carry the animals such as python and crocodile HAHAHA they were so heavy!

It was a really great event to educate people about the importance of using recyclable products. I liked the ‘Solution not Pollution’ runway show where local designers used single-use plastics such as plastic spoon/ cling wrap to make some fascinating outfit. Environmental issue greatly affects our daily lives, the conviction of being “environmental-friendly” is different to everyone as well.

For myself, I always take my own recyclable bag because it has become my habit to say NO to the plastic bag in the supermarket. I hope all of you will be able to help our precious earth, you may take part in the Plastic Free July challenge and attempt to reduce your plastic consumption. It’s all about your habit!

World Environment Day 2019 Footage by Sara Cheung