Student One Elizabeth Street Grand Opening


I was invited to participate in the Grand Opening of Student One Elizabeth Street Ceremony on 22nd May. Good to see Student One has been doing so well as I stayed in Student One Adelaide Street 2 years ago when I first arrived in Brisbane. Witnessing the Student One Whalf Street and Elizabeth Street was built in the past few years, I can’t deny my study time flies in QUT.

Surprisingly, I met all the IDP councillors again in Student One after I volunteered for the IDP Mega Famil in QUT the day before I went to this Grand Opening. We visited different types of room in Student One and I also spoke with staffs and friends that I have met last time in Student One. And of course, a couple of champagnes too!

Student One is definitely my favourite Student Accommodation after staying in some other accommodation. Besides, the price may not be attractive, it is still a good place for first comers to stay. I am just excited to try those restaurants downstairs in Student One, as they all look very yummy!

Student One Elizabeth Street Grand Opening Footage by Sara Cheung