Strength. Weakness. Opportunity. Threat.


SWOT Analysis:

The strengths that I have consists of knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel. Since I have ran my own ecommerce store previously, I have used these technologies, which highly enhances my competitiveness. What’s more is I have leadership skills to handle different issues when it comes to office management as I am the President of a University International club, so I believe I have the ability to solve various issues!

I may lack related working experience and lack technical exposure because I do not have much marketing-related working experience. Also, a communication barrier may be one of my weakness as well, since English is not my mother language, hence, this is one of factor that I will need to improve on in order to get my dream job.

Even though working internship job do not pay the bills, it can help me beyond University and it’s able to act as my “back door”. I have managed my own ecommerce store and freelanced for various companies on different marketing techniques and strategies before, so I think these are my opportunities to prepare for my future career. Fortunately, my dream job is a place that has good, young vibes that suits to my personality. I believe I am able to get my resume prepared well when I graduate. Also, I should expose myself to different working sectors because I can never underestimate how much I can learn from different job opportunity.

In today’s world, marketing plays an important role in different kinds of company. That’s why it creates a big competition for me to enter this industry. I need to be more experienced compared to the same age group to obtain the job opportunity. As it requires lots of experience before getting started, almost every student needs to enroll in an internship job before they graduate. So it forms a high supply of marketing graduates but low demand of marketing positions. If I am not better than the same age students, I may not get my dream job.