Queensland Government IDP Mega Famil


As a student leader, I volunteered to be a QUT student ambassador for the 2019 IDP Mega Famil on 21st May. It was my pleasure to represent QUT to bring all the IDP councillors to visit QUT Gardens Point for a campus tour.

It started off at 8:30 am in the morning until 2 pm, I was leading a group of Indonesian IDP councillors walking around the campus. Unfortunately, there were no IDP Councillors from Hong Kong this time. We first settled in QUT Owen J Wordsworth Room, a room that has a beautiful view towards the Brisbane river, following by the Entrepreneur and Innovation workshop presented by QUT Foundry and Lime scooter.

This was my first time attending an innovation workshop and we based on the issues that Lime scooter may be facing, we used different brainstorming methods to discuss our solutions to Lime. After the workshop is done, the other student ambassadors and I helped to pack up and set up lunch for our guests. I enjoyed volunteering and sharing my experience in Brisbane with all the IDP Councillors. I really had an invaluable time networking with IDP councillors all around the world.

Photo taken with IDP India Councillors
IDP Mega Famil 2019 Footage presented by Sara Cheung