[Sept 2019] Behance Portfolio

Behance is a social media platform owned by Adobe which aims to showcase and discover creative work. I enrolled in this design unit for elective and it cultivated my sense of designing. It was individual work and it challenged my drawing skills which I was not confident before.

Image design and production unit portfolio which obtained a grade of 6.7/7

[June 2019] InDesign Portfolio

I designed this previous course work and casual portfolio by Adobe InDesign and used some of the Adobe Photoshop skills.

If you would like to learn more about my work, please feel free to contact me.

[May 2019] QUT Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Internship Video for Advvy

I filmed and edited this interview video for QUT WIL during my internship period in Advvy. Cara was my manager and this video is beneficial to those who are looking for an internship.

[May 2019] Documentary Video Project (Elective unit)

This was a QUT screen production group project – edited by myself. This video is about Endometriosis and aims to raise awareness of this women health issue.

[April 2019] Cutting on Action 30-second Video (Elective unit)

This was an individual filmed and edited ‘cutting on action’ project. My “signature prop” in this video clip is a key, you may find the filming skills such as Wide Shot, Mid Shot, Close Up, Low Angle, Pan Shot, Hand-held Shot and Tilt in this video. I achieved 91/100 marks – High Distinction (HD) for the above assessment.

[October 2018] Folio of Images & Artist Statement (Elective unit)

Series – From the sky down to earth, 2018 Statement:

Though not every moment is as delightful as we wish, walking through the rain can also be a blessing.

I used a macro lens to focus on the nature of water droplets together with portrait skills, through the techniques on Photoshop, layering and double exposure visual effect is given out. It helps emphasise my ideas and images as rain droplets are from the sky down to the earth, rain droplets will soon then evaporate back to the sky. It implies as our human lives on earth is temporary and precious, our purpose on earth is to live the best moment as we can.

My folio refers to August Sander’s first book “Face of our Time” which focused on the portrait. My inspiration is that every rain droplets represent the different perspective of myself and I am really excited to accept every challenge in my life.

This was an individual assessment from KVB104 – Photo Media and Art Practice. This project involved the skills of photography (I used a Canon EOS camera) and photoshop application and I achieved Grade 6 in this unit at QUT.

[September 2018] Still Life, Abstraction & Portrait Project (Elective unit)

This project’s topic is still life, abstraction & portrait. It involved the skills of photography (I used a Canon EOS camera) and photoshop application and I achieved Grade 6 in this unit at QUT.