As mentioned in the previous travel blog, I didn’t enjoy going to Melbourne. This time, I’d say I really had valuable time with the fellows and I’m still missing the moments that I have spent with them!

Not forgetting I was freezing during the last trip, I purposely went shopping for a winter coat so that I would be warm enough this time (Haha, another excuse for shopping!). I went to Melbourne this Easter holiday for a 4 day-3 night church conference in Phillip Island with my friends. The first day after we landed we drove to a famous brunch restaurant that I researched named Kitty Burns. As I expected, the food was delicious and the environment was perfect. Yeah, I will not deny that Melbourne really has a lot of nice cafes to have brunch and just chill for a whole day.

After we had brunch, we drove to the city and walked around. Not a lot of shops are open because of the public holiday, but we still got a little surprise. We got a free drink from Gotcha when you download an app and redeem your $8 drink voucher. I honestly think that free stuff makes you feel the product itself is the best! 🙂

So we continued our journey to Phillip Island and it took us another 2 and a half hour to get there. For this trip, it was a bonus to meet my old good friend who was my primary, secondary schoolmate. Our paths always come across even we are studying in different places.

At last, I really enjoyed this short 4 days trip because of the company and the good vibes we all shared. I gradually changed my mind and think that Melbourne actually wasn’t too bad. I realized it’s not because of the cold weather or I didn’t do any exciting games, it’s about the people and company.

Or, maybe, I have really transformed a lot during these months in this spiritual journey. The perspective of how I see things become much simple because my point of view has built upon love now.