Matcha Crêpe @ TWIST fusion crepes


Hey guys, this is Sara eating matcha crepe again. Heh, I tried not to but it attracted me to just give it a go one month ago~ This restaurant named TWIST fusion crepes, they have a mixed type of fruit and gelato as well as a nice sitting area for customers to enjoy the crepe.

This stall opened around two months from now, eye-catching outlook and colour drew my attention to it. It is no doubt that I would only want to try matcha out of so many other options on the menu. At first, I didn’t want to try was because the price doubled the one I had in Kamon. You know, when you know there’s somewhere else selling cheaper food, you would prefer the cheaper one. Nonetheless, one day after dinner, I walked past this restaurant and I couldn’t help but ordered my favourite matcha crepe.

What surprised me the most was their packaging! Loved it so much. It really looked like a rose with a hand carry transparent take-away bag. Since I wasn’t eating it inside a store, I carried it out on the street and I was smugging the way back home hahaha. Because the crepe was just so stunning and I believe people saw it and they must be thinking ‘Wow, such a nice dessert over there~'(That’s what I feel actually) Anyways, it looked really good and the portion was so big too. To be frank, I didn’t like the taste a lot though, or maybe it’s fusion that’s why!