Green Heart Schools Future BNE Challenge 2019


I’m currently working as an Intern in Customer Information Team (CIT) in the branch of Natural Environment, Water & Sustainability (NEWS) in Brisbane City Council.

It’s my honour to be a volunteer at this annual inter-school competition sustainability event. It was held in Brisbane City Hall with more than 60 teams of year 7 students and teachers participated.

I assisted with industry professionals, allocating displays and ushering on that day from 7 am to 2 pm. I like how they make the abstract topic of sustainability into something “fun” by assigning students to build their own imagined city-like model.

We purchased recycle materials from a place called Reverse Garbage. This was my first time to know that Brisbane has such a meaningful and environmentally-friendly store like this. There are water bottle lids, unwanted wires, electrical wastes and even, an unidentified sponge, you name it, you can find all the things that you may not know and you can actually purchase and recycle again there!