This was my first time visiting Melbourne and I wasn’t wearing enough! I still remember I was complaining it was too cold for the entire trip since I underestimated the weather there. I went to Melbourne in 2018 during my second year, second mid-semester break, it was a 5 day-4 night short haul in Australia.

My thought after going to Melbourne is that I realized I liked Brisbane a lot more. The friendly people, stable warm weather made me think that Brisbane is the place that I’d love to stay among all the cities in Australia! (I’ve been to Sydney/ Brisbane/ Melbourne/ Adelaide so far)

For a first-time Melbourne traveller like me, I visited all the famous spots around the city, but the most memorable part was going to the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles. I joined a local road trip and sat in the coach for 2 hours for us to get there. It was no doubt that it was freezing up there on the cliffs. The weather was so unstable that I literally experienced 4 seasons since I thought it was going to rain heavily, yet it suddenly became sunny.

After I arrived back in Brisbane, I was actually telling my friends that I didn’t really enjoy Melbourne because I didn’t do much fun stuff there. Yeah, I mean exciting/ interesting activities.

However, check out my next post “Phillip Island @ Easter 2019”, to see what’s my thoughts on the second trip to Melbourne!