Creme Brulee Crêpe @ Amai Kawaii Dessert


Hey friends! Welcome back to my food blog post.

I have been busying with other stuff in life so now I am finally here introducing my favourite crêpe place to you all.

Amai Kawaii Dessert is a new crêpe place that was opened in September this year. I have been craving for legit Japanese crêpe and I’d give this place 4.5 stars. As per the last posts, I found out other crêpe places in Brisbane, but Amai Kawaii Dessert is certainly better!

I have also tried their tuna and mayo crêpe, it was fine. I just thought it was a hot serve but it was a cold serve. To be honest, it could be a full meal for me because it is very filling.

I think the price is acceptable and highly recommend you all to have a try! So happened every time I am posting a food blog about crêpe, I love other food too. Stay tuned and see you next time.