My first Mission trip and I went to Canberra, capital in Australia.

This trip was only 4 days at the end of November, yet it remained a memorable experience for myself. It was an exciting decision to agree on taking this step to reach out to other people in this world.

It’s also my first time to Canberra, to be honest, I don’t think I would ever visit Canberra if there’s not a purpose for me to be there. Unlike Brisbane, a more city-like place, Canberra is relatively small. People there are having a more laid-back life. Since the trip was short and we were packed with schedules, we didn’t have much time for recreational activities too.

Each of us called to serve with humility and love one another. It is not a trip to shop around, but a trip to enlarge our compassion for people. It’s such a great start to achieving our purposes in life!

Despite all the expenses are on my own, I was glad that I was blessed with a job so that financial won’t be an issue. We went to two universities in Canberra, ANU and UC.

I am moved and delighted by the people we met in Canberra. Their faithfulness and heart for people are incredibly amazing. I sincerely cherish the time while I was there and I am sure there will be more to come in the future.