About Sara Cheung

My Wonderful Story:

Captured by QUT Guild

Coming all the way to Australia as an international student, taking up the study of Business majoring in Marketing. As a Marketing student, it’s a craving for the fun, exciting and challenging job! In fact, I was born for this sort of job!

I’m born and raised in Hong Kong, where everything is always bustling, they don’t call it the city that never sleeps for anything. When I first arrived in Brisbane, I found that its lifestyle suits someone that would be looking to retire, amazing and slow-paced.

During my me time, I love to coop myself up in the room with a box of ice cream while binge-watching YouTube channels that I’m subscribed to. At a more casual setting, I particularly enjoy editing videos and doing taking photographs as I find it to be really enjoyable! I am really a playful, talkative person so if you see me on the street, don’t hesitate to call me!

Photoshoot for QUT

Being the President of QUT Hong Kong Student Association for the past year, provided me with a lot of exposure to the International Student network. As a President in QUT HKSA, it also teaches me to become a leader and handle all kinds of risk management. Besides, I have my own female accessory business, so managing online accounts, create and publish marketing promotions on Facebook and Instagram are familiar to me.

Pleased to work with Brisbane City Council and Advvy as my internship in one semester in my final year of uni, giving me a chance to showcase my potential ability. I am proud to see the changes that I have made on their official website, and created an additional interview video for them! Needless to say, worked in the government body and a start-up company, I built up my professional networking and local working experience.

In my last semester in uni, I was honoured to take up the role to work at my uni, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) International Communication Team. Balancing the workload for my part-time job and study, I found myself more capable to deal with deadlines and stresses. I like how challenging I am in an environment that continues to push me and train me to be ready for the real-world. Btw, I was also a QUT International Digital Ambassador, so if you are interested, feel free to read my student life blog post!

My career ambition is to become a wonderful Digital Marketing Director, suit myself up with a pair of heels, what an ideal strong businesswoman look!

After graduation…

Currently, I am working and living in a tropical jungle – Singapore. So far it’s been great! Read my My transition from QUT to Singapore, to Apple blog post, you will find out what made me leave Australia to Singapore.

I am very thrilled to continue to share my wonderful journey with all of you. Keep an eye on my post!

Everything happens for a reason!