Visiting the first floating Apple Store in MBS

Written by saracheung

Hello everybody! How’s the pandemic treating you all?

It’s been six months since I started working from home. I have had a different perspective from the beginning. 2020 is very new to us, isn’t it?

I know many have lost their jobs during this period, I hope we don’t feel defeated yet still use our time wisely for the upcoming challenges.

As I am blessed to work for Apple, which hit 2 trillion market cap this year, I am excited to share my experience of visiting its first Apple Store on the water. Yes, it’s floating! This store is super creative and stylish, I wanted to take some nice shots inside though!

There was a crowd before I captured this picture

I wish I could get in but unfortunately, it is fully booked. It has two-level which links to the basement level of Marina Bay Sands. Perhaps until the situation gets better, we can all freely access this beautifully-designed Apple Store.

Well, 2020 is ending in 3-month. What have you learnt this year? Did you grow a little and become resilience? A tough change is gonna sharpen us. I believe when we look back in the future, it will always be a special one to you.

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